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Jan. 3, 2019

Tens of thousands support nonprofit news

When NewsMatch 2018 launched last November, 155 nonprofit news organizations joined in a shared call-to-action: Stand up for journalism that strengthens democracy.

Over the past two months, they were joined by tens of thousands of individuals across the country who donated to nonprofit news, ensuring the stories they care most about will get told in 2019.

What's next for NewsMatch

NewsMatch is still tallying the numbers from this year’s campaign and expects to announce the final amount next month. But we already know in hearing feedback from our participants and analyzing data from, that millions of dollars have been raised, making 2018 another record-breaking year. From coast to coast, donors embraced NewsMatch, and with it, the idea that giving to journalism will be a core part of their charitable giving now and in the future.

This year, NewsMatch was pleased to see the campaign and several of its participants profiled in the media. Forbes called NewsMatch a “cause our democracy needs,” the Chronicle of Philanthropy covered how participants were using #GivingNewsDay to raise visibility for their organizations, and NewsMatch participants were featured in publications including Teen Vogue, Bustle and Popsugar. Celebrities including Ever Carradine, Reid Scott, George Lopez and Rose McGowan encouraged their fans and followers to support nonprofit news during NewsMatch.

Through a series of blog posts, NewsMatch was also able to profile regional newsrooms and networks, including North Carolina Health News, Arkansas Nonprofit News Network, and the Colorado Media Project, spotlight the best climate and environment reporting of 2018, show how nonprofit journalism made a difference this past year and explore why quality journalism matters when we talk about veterans.

Social media buzz, which kicked off with the campaign launch and continued through #GivingNewsDay, grew exponentially in the last few weeks of the year. Some fun examples included: a Jeopardy winner donating her winnings to nonprofit news, Threshold Podcast meeting its stretch goal and its sponsorship director jumping in a chilly Lake Erie to celebrate, and tweets like this one encouraging donors to chip in before the midnight deadline on Dec. 31, 2018.

So to all of this year’s participants, we say thank you.

To the dozens of funders who found creative ways to sustain quality journalism in partnership with NewsMatch: Thank you for your vision and your leadership. Your support is powerful evidence that giving to journalism is a growing and vital part of U.S. philanthropy.

To the 155 newsrooms that participated in this year’s campaign: We appreciate your hard work over the past six months and know your efforts will pay off. It is inspiring to watch you raise money, engage new donors and work seriously toward long-term sustainability, all in name of informing communities.

To the tens of thousands of individual donors who supported newsrooms: Thank you for making nonprofit news a priority. Many newsrooms raised more during this year’s campaign than they ever have before, and are entering 2019 stronger than ever.

We look forward to staying in touch this year. In the meantime, stay up-to-date on all the latest NewsMatch news via our Twitter feed and via Facebook.

By Jason Alcorn, NewsMatch Project Manager, and Elizabeth Tilis, NewsMatch Communications Consultant.

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