Local and National Funding Partners

News Match is an open collaborative fund designed to support and strengthen nonprofit journalism across the United States. Through News Match we want to make 2017 a record-setting year for donations to state and local news, investigative reporting and engaged journalism.

There are two easy ways for funding partners to get involved:

1. We invite funders to join News Match with support for a national matching gifts campaign. More than $3 million has already been pledged.

2. Funders can also partner with News Match by matching donations to nonprofit news organizations in a specific region or area of journalism.

We've worked hard to make News Match a unique platform for funder collaboration and easy way to support nonprofit news. Whether you are a longtime media funder or just getting interested in supporting journalism and nonprofit news, News Match is an immediate way to contribute to strengthening the field. We have built a team around communications, evaluation and administration who will work with you to accomplish your goals.

What’s most exciting to us is that News Match aims to help nonprofit news organizations build a strong foundation for sustainability. We invite you to join us.

Below you will find many more details about how you can get involved. Questions? Contact Josh Stearns at Democracy Fund (jstearns@democracyfund.org), Jennifer Preston at Knight Foundation (preston@knightfoundation.org) or Kathy Im at the MacArthur Foundation (kim@macfound.org)

What is News Match?

News Match is a matching gifts program to strengthen nonprofit news organizations by helping them to expand their donor base, build membership programs and engage with new audiences to support their work.

News Match operates as an open collaborative fund at The Miami Foundation. Now in its second year, the fund has nearly doubled in size — to more than $3 million — and we have tripled the number of nonprofit news organizations are eligible to participate.

The fund will match individual donations up to $1,000 between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 with a maximum amount per organization to be determined based on the size of the fund. We have partnered with the Institute for Nonprofit News to ensure that all organizations meet high journalistic standards for ethics and accountability.

How does News Match contribute to nonprofit sustainability?

The goal of News Match is to help nonprofit news organizations increase their long-term sustainability by strengthening their fundraising capacity and capability, and building community around their work. To that end, we are providing significant training, marketing, technology and other resources to help prepare newsrooms for success this fall and sustainability into the future. Democracy Fund and Knight Foundation have committed an additional $750,000 to capacity-building grants in support for nonprofit news sustainability and fundraising.

How can foundations, corporate sponsors and individuals support nonprofit journalism through News Match?

Here are two easy ways to get involved:

1. Contribute to the Fund for Nonprofit News

The Fund for Nonprofit News, housed at The Miami Foundation, was set up to support News Match 2017. Once approved by the Principals Group, interested funders (foundations, corporations, and individuals) able to make a minimum gift of $100,000 can contribute to the Fund. The more money in the fund, the higher the possible match for nonprofit newsrooms.

2. Partner with News Match to match donations to specific nonprofit news organizations

Want to match donations to support, for example, environmental journalism, investigative reporting or nonprofit news in your communities? We will help you align your matching dollars with newsrooms that specialize in issues and places you care about, and at the end of the match period send you match results for the organizations you want to support. We will help facilitate a payment directly from you to the nonprofit newsroom.

Can community and place-based organizations support local journalism through News Match?

Place-based funders and community foundations can partner with News Match 2017 by matching donations to newsrooms in your communities. The Miami Foundation, a operational partner in this effort, is conducting due diligence, collecting documentation and verifying match documentation. Once the match period is over, The Miami Foundation can provide you with a list of eligible newsrooms in your area and the amount they matched.

As a local News Match partner you would manage your own grants and can structure your matching dollars any way you want, such as capping your commitment at a certain level or asking for additional reporting from organizations receiving the matching funds.

What marketing materials will be available to partners?

We have developed a News Match toolkit with graphics, social media assets, campaign messaging and other materials to help make News Match a highly visible, successful effort to strengthen nonprofit journalism. We have also launched national press outreach and NewsMatch.org, where donors can find and support participating nonprofit news organizations.

What outcomes do you hope to achieve through News Match?

Through News Match we hope to make 2017 a record breaking year for donations to nonprofit journalism. A meaningful influx of dollars this year will help support state and local news organizations, investigative reporting and engaged journalism. It will make it possible for newsrooms to produce more coverage, hire more staff and support innovative approaches to reporting. But most importantly, News Match will focus on long-term capacity building for nonprofit news, expanding the donor base and diversifying the revenue streams.

Which nonprofit organizations are participating for News Match?

Nonprofit news organizations were invited to apply for News Match by September 30. To be eligible, organizations must be members in good standing of the Institute for Nonprofit News. INN represents more than 130 nonprofit news organizations around the country and provides services to strengthen the nonprofit news sector. Each organizations is a 501(c)(3) or fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3), and they must be transparent about their funding sources and publish original, high-quality reporting that is investigative or public service by nature, such as expert explanatory or community public affairs coverage.

What is the funding structure of News Match?

A national Fund for Nonprofit News has been established to match end-of-year donations to eligible nonprofit news organizations with $1 million each from Democracy Fund, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The Miami Foundation is the fiscal sponsor. The fund has been created as a restricted fund account, designated for the purpose of supporting a matching gifts campaign that will increase the capacity of nonprofit news organizations to provide relevant, fact-based journalism. The fund can accept additional contributions for the specific purpose laid out.

How will the fund be governed?

The Miami Foundation will form a “Principals Group” made up of the key donors to the fund (donors of $500,000 and above). They will provide recommendations to The Miami Foundation with respect to governance and grantmaking. Final decisions on matching grants will be made by The Miami Foundation, in consultation with the Principals Group, based on a set of predetermined criteria (proof of nonprofit status, verified evidence of donations during the time period, etc.). The Miami Foundation will conduct diligence on the applications, verify match documentation and issue an award letter and a lump-sum payment.

How will the fund be evaluated?

The Miami Foundation will prepare and deliver annual and quarterly financial reports to the Principals Group during the life of the fund. Further evaluation (including but not limited to pre-and post surveys, case studies, etc.) will be conducted by evaluation and learning staff at Democracy Fund, Knight Foundation and MacArthur Foundation or consultants retained by them. The Principals Group will prepare a report that will be distributed to News Match donors and partners so they can see the impact of their contribution.

Interested in joining the fund or partnering with News Match on your own matching effort?


Jennifer Preston, Vice President, Journalism, Knight Foundation

Joshua Stearns, Associate Director, Public Square Program, Democracy Fund

Kathy Im, Director of Journalism and Media, MacArthur Foundation