Funder FAQ

How can you get involved?

There are three main ways for interested funders to participate in NewsMatch. Across all options NewsMatch is focused on making it easy for you to participate by managing the administration, due diligence, and grants process:

  1. Contribute to the national matching fund: Donors interested in strengthening nonprofit journalism across the country can make a gift to the national Fund for Nonprofit News at The Miami Foundation. The larger the fund grows, the greater the match and performance incentives the fund can provide to all participating news organizations. There is a 3 percent fee on deposit for administration and a minimum gift size of $50,000.
  2. Set up an issue-based or regional matching campaign: We can help you identify and set up a match for nonprofit news organizations that align with your funding priorities, such as science reporting, investigative journalism, or nonprofit news in a certain geographic area. Once approved, The Miami Foundation will set up a unique fund that will only make awards to participating news organizations you choose. A custom award letter will be created and The Miami Foundation will process grants to those organizations. There is a 4 percent fee on deposit for administration.
  3. Create a direct match opportunity with specific local news organizations: We can help you identify nonprofit news organizations that align with your funding priorities. Once the match period is complete, The Miami Foundation will report how much the selected organizations raised and will help facilitate a payment directly from you to the nonprofit news organization. There is no fee for this option. You will make grant awards to directly to organization(s) of your choice based on the information provided to you by The Miami Foundation.

How can family, community, and place-based foundations triple the impact of your own giving to local journalism?

NewsMatch can help community and place-based foundations strengthen local reporting by doubling your match to nonprofit newsrooms in your communities to local newsrooms in your area — effectively tripling your own investment. This 2:1 match can be highly effective in mobilizing fundraising efforts and bringing new donors to nonprofit journalism.

As a local NewsMatch partner, you may manage your own grants and structure your matching dollars any way you want, such as capping your commitment at a certain level or asking for additional reporting from organizations receiving the matching funds.

We can help you identify eligible newsrooms in your area; and when the match is complete, we can report how much the selected organizations raised and help facilitate payment directly from you to the nonprofit news organization.

What outcomes will NewsMatch achieve?

NewsMatch supported 195 nonprofit newsrooms in 2019 and will support more than 260 this year. Every dollar raised will help support critical local news organizations, investigative reporting, and beat coverage of issues of pressing public concern. It will make it possible for newsrooms to produce more coverage, hire more staff, and support innovative approaches to reporting. But most importantly, NewsMatch will focus on long-term capacity building for nonprofit news, expanding the donor base, and diversifying the revenue streams.

Which nonprofit organizations are eligible for NewsMatch?

Any nonprofit news organization that is an actively publishing, full member of the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN), in good standing, is eligible to participate. INN represents more than 250 nonprofit news organizations across the U.S. and provides services to strengthen the nonprofit news sector. All participating organizations are a 501(c)(3) or fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3), follow best practices in financial transparency, and publish original, high-quality reporting that is investigative or public service by nature.

How is the fund governed?

The Miami Foundation has formed a “Principals Group” made up of the key donors to the fund (donors of $500,000 and above). This group provides recommendations to The Miami Foundation with respect to governance and grantmaking. Final decisions on matching grants are made by The Miami Foundation, in consultation with the Principals Group, based on a set of predetermined criteria (proof of nonprofit status, verified evidence of donations during the time period, etc.). The Miami Foundation conducts diligence on the applications, verifies match documentation, and issues an award letter and a lump-sum payment.

How is the fund evaluated?

The Miami Foundation prepares and delivers annual and quarterly financial reports to the Principals Group during the life of the fund. Further evaluation (including but not limited to pre-and post surveys, case studies, etc.) is conducted by evaluation and learning staff at Democracy Fund and Knight Foundation with consultants retained by them. The Principals Group will prepare a report in early 2020 that will be distributed to NewsMatch donors and partners so you can see the impact of your contribution. Previous evaluations are available to donors and partners.

What marketing materials are available to partners?

The NewsMatch toolkit includes digital assets and messaging you can use to talk about nonprofit journalism in your community. The campaign will be supported with a national marketing effort, paid ads, and, where donors can find and support all participating organizations. For access to these materials, please contact

How to Get Involved

NewsMatch makes it simple for foundations of all sizes to support quality news. We are still inviting partners to join the 2020 campaign. Contact us for more information.

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