Give Nonprofit. Give Now.

Give Nonprofit. Give Now.

Nonprofit newsrooms tell stories about communities, issues, and solutions that might otherwise go untold. They empower each of us with trusted information to make decisions in our own best interest.

NewsMatch is the largest grassroots campaign to support nonprofit news in the U.S. Since 2016, the campaign has helped raise over $150 million to jumpstart emerging newsrooms and support independent media outlets that produce fact-based, nonpartisan news and information.

The fifth annual NewsMatch campaign was the most successful ever with a record-breaking $47 million raised by nonprofit newsrooms across the country. In November and December 2020 — at a time when the health and economic impacts of the COVID pandemic and elections made access to reliable news absolutely essential — matching gifts from funders, philanthropists, and local businesses were leveraged to generate this groundswell of support from individual donors.

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